Into a slope, over the Askifou mountain plateau in Sfakia area, there is the Lentari family’s “Panorama”. “Panorama” includes a traditional taverna, rooms and studios with marvelous view on the plateau and the Osman fort “Koule”.

“… in 1998, when we reluctantly entered the feasting section with our family business taverna “Panorama”, our first priority was 3 traditional principals:


Cretan hospitality

Original Sfakian cuisine

As the years went by, you supported our attempt and we are grateful about that! Our aim is to correspond to your needs for quality hospitality with modern facilities, respecting the natural habitat and the local economy!”

The Plateau

The Askifou Plateau (from the ancient Greek word skifos = wide cup) is situated on the east side of White Mountains (50 km from Hania) and its altitude is about 800 m.

Due to its geographical place, the advantage of cool summer and the frequent snowfall during the winter time make it one of the major winter destination resorts of Crete. It is the second at length plateau in Hania area after that of Omalos and it is the biggest that is inhabited all year round with approximately 400 people.

Askifou village consists of 4 big neighborhoods, which are built around its fertile plain in which are cultivated for centuries now, vineyards, grain, fruit and vegetables, with the famous Askifou-potato to be in the first place.

Meat of excellent quality, dairy products of local sheep and goats, sweet-smelling cookies, freshly baked Sfakian crackers, Tsikoudia and homemade wine, honey and rare wild herbs are only some of the presents that Askifou land gives us!



Panorama - Lentaris Bros.

Askifou, Sfakia, Crete

Phone: +30 28250 95492



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