In our traditional taverna “Panorama” you can taste original local delicacies that would be unforgettable to you…

Sfakiano yiahni (kid goat slowly cooked in its broth with extra virgin olive oil)
Wild stamnagathi (greens collected from the surrounding mountains)
Local eggs with staka
Smoked stake

And for dessert, of course the speciality of our area, sfakian pie with local honey. These are only some of our delicacies!

In Panorama you will find also some famous Cretan dishes that you can try and verify the fame about the Cretan cuisine that combines the balanced diet with the rich flavor:

Gamopilafo (boiled lamb with rice)
Hohlious boubouristous (snails cooked with rosemary)
Arnaki me anthogalo (lamb with milk cream)
Kaitsounia (local pies with mizithra cheese or wild herbs)
Xinohondro (kind of homemade pasta cooked with Askifou potatoes)
and other appetizers, depending on the season of the year.

Our menu also includes:

Breakfast      Coffee      Beverages      Omelets      Home made pizzas
and freshly made dishes of Greek cuisine.

“The homemade cooking, following traditional recipes and using the best local materials, has been our value from the beginning. The 90% of our raw materials are our own products so that we can guarantee for their quality and taste. It is worth tasting local cheese such as: graviera, mizithra, anthotiro fresh or dried, all of them made in traditional “mitata” of our plateau, the original pure meat and free grazing hens and chickens, theme honey, home made tsikoudia and our wine!”

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Our cuisine has been awarded with an award (2006-2007) and two Gourmet prizes (2007-2008, 2008-2009) by the Gourmet magazine from the Sunday’s Elephtherotypia paper.



Panorama - Lentaris Bros.

Askifou, Sfakia, Crete

Phone: +30 28250 95492



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